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In general, synthetic turf has stood the test of time. It found its fame worldwide for use in sports grounds. As years go by, synthetic turf has really improved and now is used widely. It has also been adapted to suit a wide variety of sports. Initially, synthetic turf was used in urban schools, but found its way in;

  • Commercial properties like resorts
  • Sports surfaces like the hockey tennis and golf grounds
  • For domestic applications in gardens and lawns
  • Temporary applications especially in events

What is synthetic turf? This is a surface made of artificial fibers that are made to look like natural grass. It also comes in different pile heights in Key West Safety Services and is constructed just like the usual carpet. Recently, synthetic turf is designed in a way that it can wake or get a little brown just like what natural grass does.

Natural grass was a hassle to maintain especially during the hot climate. It used to dry up, or not grow to make the surface difficult to play on. This is how synthetic turf paved its way into the sporting market at large.

Why go for synthetic turf? This is because it saves both time and money and is a great landscaping option. These are the qualities and benefits of why you should choose artificial turf.

Minimal Maintenance

Taking care of a massive ground or a yard may take time, energy and also will cost you money. Trimming, mowing, and fertilizing can take up your time and this is supposed to be repeated throughout the year. Grassed surfaces are difficult to maintain but with synthetic turf, maintenance is simple.

Synthetic turf does not require water hence this saves you on your water bill. It is advisable to save the water for other projects like food and animals. Artificial turf gives you the ideal green and leveled landscape surfacing with minimal maintenance.

With synthetic turf, you do not need landscapers to maintain it. Just as it is, nothing is done to it.  Saves you money because you will not need pest control or weed control products to maintain your synthetic turf. All these are a thing of the past.

It is Durable

Unlike natural grass, synthetic one can withstand harsh weather conditions. It does not wither, turn brown or grow. Once installed, synthetic turf, mainly known as the ‘forever turf’, can last an eternity and still maintain its original color, texture. Synthetic grass cannot discolor or stain.

Installing synthetic turf helps you create enough time for other activities. When it comes to foot traffic on the natural grass, we tend to cringe a lot because it destroys the grass. But with synthetic grass, the depth and nature do not change because the surface is exceptionally durable. You do not need to worry about replanting the grass because; synthetic grass can last for up to7 to 8 years.

Synthetic Turf is Safe

Due to the installation of the synthetic turf, there is an elimination of mowers. The mowing process produces gas like carbon from petrol use, this is an environmental hazard. Carbon and noise are not safe for the environment. With synthetic turf, there are no gases eliminated.

Synthetic turf is made from synthetic fiber, therefore; it does not contain or emit any chemicals. This makes it safe for use both commercially and personally as you enjoy the beauty of synthetic turf.

Great Drainage

When it comes to synthetic turf, drainage is an important factor. During the rains, natural grass retains the water making it soggy, muddy, and wet. But with synthetic turf, you will be assured of a clean surface and fast dry in case it rains. Synthetic turf drains rainwater away fast as long as the right base and depth were used during installation.

Synthetic turf has evolved over the years and most of them have holes to allow for proper drainage. Key West Safety Services provides you with the best synthetic turf in Florida; we ensure that good drainage is a priority. The holes in the synthetic turf vary in size, manufacturer, and product. For the drainage to be better there must be more drainage holes. The closer they are to each other the better because this way, water flows fast hence no flooding.


Synthetic turf is versatile, apart from looking like natural grass. Its versatility has made it ideal for a wide range of sporting activities. These sports are like; tennis courts, baseball, hockey, and soccer pitches. Turf has the ability to withstand the high foot traffic and the vigorous activities on the ground, unlike grass. Synthetic turf can be played on at all times and still retain its initial look. It will only need some brushing to clean it and also to keep the bristles that are flat straight. With the right maintenance and management, synthetic turf will serve you for ages.

Appealing to the Eyes

Who would not want an outstanding lawn, garden, or a pitch for that matter? Its almost natural appearance, sheen, and leveling, synthetic turf is a beautiful sight to behold. A tidy lawn naturally overlooks other things.

Synthetic turf creates an attractive and lush landscape and is quickly replacing grass. Turf has many benefits and this has made it find space and market in sporting arenas.

Saves on Cost

To maintain a lawn, pitch grass, or grass in a tennis court, you will have to spend a lot. In terms of water, money, and even professional help, grass costs a lot when it comes to managing it. Key West Safety Services gives you in-depth as to why you should get yourself synthetic turf.

However, synthetic turf cuts down all of the named costs, maintaining it easy. Initially while installing it the cost may be expensive but this is just a one-time investment. When going for synthetic turf, check on the quality. Good quality means good service.