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For the larger part of us, when going for an investment, we always check if it is safe. We do not want to take a risk, therefore, while going for surfacing services, you would want an outstanding and indescribably the best, rubber being the best surfacing solutions.

The rubber surfacing is safe, modern, and available in the market right probably in high demand. More so, it is able to blend durability, beauty, and safety, a typical rubber surface is mostly made from natural recycled rubber particles. Additionally, safety surfacing made of rubber can also be put on all kinds of surfaces; tiles, wood, concrete, dirt, gravel, and even interlocked bricks.

Key West Safety Surfacing-Safety Surfacing

As time goes by, playgrounds, parks, golf clubs, and even daycare centers are mainly opting for the Safety Surfacing Services due to its versatility. Key West Safety Surfacing ensures that we give you the best surfacing services and are safe especially when it comes to your children. There are several surfacing options for playgrounds in the market, therefore; choosing the best may be a bit tricky. Below are some of the reasons why you should opt for rubber for your safety surfacing services from Key West Safety Surfacing if you reside in Florida.

Rubber Safety Surfacing Services is aesthetically Pleasing

Due to its wide range from creativity to color and design, the above safety surfacing can be easily customized to give any look. When it comes to design, the rubber surfacing can be created in all shapes and designs and fits in so perfectly.

Well, put, the best safety surfacing made of rubber is more pleasing to the eyes compared to the traditional surfacing materials. The right safety surface is the finishing touch that can add color, comfort, and personality to your desired space. Consider the local climatic conditions and other environmental factors when making a playground flooring decision before settling on one.

It is of Low Maintenance

Rubber safety surfacing is actually the best surfacing available because; it can withstand high temperatures, can stretch and fill on cracks without necessarily breaking. During low temperatures, surfacing made of rubber can be filled with snow, while clearing it; the salt cannot affect it in any way.

While raining too, the rubber surfacing has good drainage properties; this will not create mud or wet grounds. The energy and friction put on the rubber surfacing cannot destroy it hence; the surfacing should withstand wear and tear. Cleaning the playground and maintaining it may be quite hectic, children create a mess. Spilled drinks, crumbs, dust, and sticky stuff, the reason it is wise to choose a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Rubber proves to be an excellent surfacing surface in daycares, school playgrounds and commercial parks for it is mess-prone and high-traffic. Once the safety surfacing is installed, it is of low maintenance and will definitely serve you well and for a long time.

It is Safe

First, playgrounds must be a safe haven for children both in school and at the parks, there is no other way to escape this. For a surfacing service to be termed as safe, it must be able to provide total protection from a lot of factors. In case a child falls, which is inevitable during play, there may be fatal accidents or even death. On a safe surface, certainly made of rubber, there ought to be fewer injuries and accidents. Unlike PVC, wood, and vinyl, rubber surfaces are slip-resistant; you are assured of a lower impact slipping or falling due to its extra grip.

The safety surfacing made of rubber is made so that the fall height protection rate is more, so a fall of as high as 12 feet is safe on the rubber surfacing. This makes rubber safety surfacing create a higher safety rating. Rubber safety surfacing is also shock-absorbent; your well-being is assured. Always consider safety when looking for a suitable playground surfacing. Rubber surfaces can also be cleaned fast therefore, the risk of children getting allergies is low.

While going for the best and long-term surfacing services, you should consider going for rubber due to its great qualities. A safe and long-term playground surfacing is a good investment, always go for a material with fewer risks of injuries and one that is durable. Key West Safety Surfacing here in Florida offers you the best safety surfacing on your playgrounds, recreational centers, homes, and daycares.  Rubber surfacing lasts for as long as10 years, with a long-term warranty period and will require minimal maintenance, and meets the necessary safety standards.

With the intensive activities, foot traffic, and spills on playground surfaces, if it is not durable enough to withstand the force, then it will be compromising its safety. Go for playground surfaces that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. Rubber safety surfacing is maintenance-free; it can withstand very high and low temperatures because it expands and contracts. While installing surfacing playgrounds, keep in mind the disabled people. Those with wheelchairs find it easier to navigate around the rubber surfacing playgrounds. Rubber surfaces neither fade nor tear which makes them one of the best choices.

During and after the rains, most people rarely go for recreational activities because the surfaces may be wet, muddy, and slip a lot. A rubber surfacing is able to work well in all weather conditions, unlike the few surfaces that do not offer the best surface traction. It is the most versatile surfacing available in the market. When wet, a rubber surfacing is skid-resistant. Unlike the traditional flooring, a rubber surface creates friction making the surface slip-roof. It is wise to go for the rubber surfacing due to the named properties. It is almost impossible to slip on a rubber surfacing.

In conclusion, Key West Safety Services offers the best Safety Surfacing Services in Florida for your playgrounds, daycares, and recreational centers. We have a team of certified and well-trained professionals who are keen on providing the best safe and long-lasting services. Contact us for more details.