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Synthetic grass is also known as artificial grass is the type of surface planned to look like the grass. They both may seem to have a natural look, but synthetic grass is made from synthetic material. Fake grass as it is well known is quite firm compared to natural grass. In fields and sports areas where natural grass does not grow well, synthetic grass is then used. This grass is also used at home. Real estate owners are now opting for synthetic grass because of its beauty and strong nature.

In stadiums, players prefer playing on synthetic rubber compared to the other one. This is because it is strong, therefore creating a suitable field for the players. During the cold or wet season, the grass is able to sustain the players, giving them adequate foot traffic as they play. With time, synthetic grass has gained fame; this makes its demand in the market higher.

Key West Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass

The appearance of the synthetic grass has been gradually improved and has now paved the way to home gardens and some even put them in verandas.  It creates an exceptional green and uniform or rather leveled lawn, making it look well maintained. Due to these factors, synthetic grass has proved to be less expensive to maintain compared to natural grass and also easy to maintain.

There are quite a number of other options to use other than grass, and yes they are readily available in the market. You may also want to consider the other options as some are easier to use other than grass. But for your outdoor, lawns, it is better to go for synthetic grass because it can stand the weather conditions. Synthetic grass enhances the beauty of your lawn, cannot be compared to any other.

Key West Safety Services specializes in the installation and distribution of synthetic grass for both residential and commercial areas in Florida. The following are the pros to getting you synthetic grass.

It is Affordable

Due to its high demand and benefits, synthetic grass is now readily available in the market. Prices may range depending on how big or small you want it and where it will be installed. For your beautiful lawns, side pools, dog kennels go for the artificial grass because it is among the cheapest options for an eye-catching surrounding.


After the installation of the artificial grass, you will be able to use and reuse depending on your function or need. With little maintenance, no raking like the natural grass, it can serve you for many years. Unlike natural grass which may dry up during the hot season, synthetic grass does not get affected by weather conditions. Hot or cold, it can withstand all.

Synthetic Grass is Convenient and Easy to Maintain

Once synthetic grass is laid, there is little effort and time to take care of it, making it very easy to maintain. People are getting busier each day, there is almost little or no time to take care of grass in commercial places or lawns at home. Therefore, synthetic grass is the best deal because it requires little time to be taken care of.

It is also a great idea for older people who certainly do not have the energy to water or trim the grass. Synthetic grass beauty is that once it is put, there is minimal maintenance, and needs no professional help to maintain it. Having synthetic grass saves a lot of time and energy. Since the grass is synthetic, there is no need to use fertilizers. While trimming grass, the petrol lawnmower releases carbon which is an environmental pollutant. Using synthetic grass, you are assured of a clean and gas-free surrounding, this has greatly helped the environment. Water is life, the use of synthetic grass saves on water.

Getting you synthetic grass is worth it. You save yourself the hustle by getting it which to has the same benefits as natural grass.

It Feels and Looks Real

Synthetic grass consists of synthetic fibers that are designed to look like natural grass. They were initially used in stadiums where natural grass could not get little or no sunlight hence not growing as required.

The most recent artificial grass feels more genuine and is softer so that it may be difficult to differentiate the real and the fake one. Homeowners are now going for this brilliant choice.

It is Clean and Safe

Synthetic grass makes an excellent substitute for natural grass especially in or around wet places like pools. This will help in keeping the surroundings clean from mud. The grass also maintains its green color for ages no matter the weather conditions.

With the current high use of synthetic grass in gardens, having this grass reduces the chance of constant footfall with children. It also leaves your garden pleasing to the eyes even during the summer when the natural grass would dry up.

Synthetic grass has also found use in pet runs and dog kennels. Why artificial grass? This is because it is easy to clean the dumplings, urine, and even animal hair. It dries up so fast and does not hide dirt underneath. Pet owners are going for this brilliant option.


The installation process of synthetic grass is in-depth and may require professional help because it needs careful attention. To achieve a smooth and lasting look, Key West Safety Services has been supplying, distributing, and even servicing Florida premium quality synthetic grass. We have helped a number of customers and created practically low-maintenance and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Professional assistance is needed when you want to choose the type of synthetic grass you want. When it comes to installation, get to be informed of what will be done throughout the whole process. With the little groundwork, you can sit and relax, enjoy your beautiful lawn or outdoor space. With time, the synthetic grass is able to pay for itself because you will not have to trim or water it, saving on money too. Synthetic grass is what you would opt for in place of natural grass.