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Finding the exact playground with safety surfaces for your kids is vital for creating an aesthetically enjoyable ground that is safe. Synthetic grass provides exceptional support for children daily, in school and home safety surfaced playgrounds. It has numerous benefits compared to natural grass.  Key West Safety Surfacing installs a safe surface playground easily and quickly, and they care about your budget. Here are some of the benefits that you may get from a synthetic playground safety surfacing.

Key West Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

Synthetic grass meets the safety standards and regulations of the playgrounds act. The material is installed on a proper base ensuring the safety and comfort of children. The synthetic grass safety surface is a shock absorber, cushioning children when they fall, thus reducing the impact. Artificial grass enhances our children's safety as the injuries associated with accidents in the playground are minimizing minimal.

When a playground experiences a lot of foot traffic on its surface, it may quickly wear and tear. Due to that, you are likely to incur extra expenses. In synthetic grass surfaces, that is no longer the issue as it's durable. You can save on maintenance as you will no longer worry about the expenses in maintenance routines. The installation also comes in with a long term warranty.

Synthetic grass can be used in a variety of ways without showing any signs of tearing and shearing. The materials used in manufacturing synthetic grass are durable and can last for decades. They are extraordinary and can go a long way without fading, thus giving out the green vicinity a longer time. You will save a lot of money if you install a playground using synthetic grass for your children as it is cheap to acquire and readily available.

Using the eco-friendly material as a safety surface for the playground teaches children conservation methods. The low maintenance characteristic of synthetic grass ensures that fewer resources are exhausted. Having synthetic grass helps you boost the green nature of your playground area

Synthetic grass for safety surfaced playgrounds is a safe financial venture. The materials used are durable in that they can stay for longer without showing any signs of fading out. Also, you are likely to spend less on maintenance costs than other types. Synthetic grass can live for several years without indicating any signs of wearing out. No chemicals are needed in conservation as they are not natural.

Playground safety surfacing techniques are proving to be very helpful when it comes to safety and cost. These safety surfaces are also stunning and admirable. Key West Safety Surfacing provides the best and affordable surfacing services with professional installment and delivery services. 

Playground safety surfacing services should be precise and professionally provided. That is why you should contact us. We offer world-class safety surfacing services in the leading across the state. Our company features reliable surfacing experts who take charge of the process from the start till the end. 

Materials suited for playground safety.

Several materials types can be used for safety surfacing. However, you should always choose according to what your requirements are.

Synthetic Turf: Synthetic Turf is one of the most durable and long-lasting surfaces. This surface is used in lawns, playgrounds, and areas where tournaments are played.  This surface is preferred because it provides an original and natural look to the surface; different colors and shades offer a good look to the area. This surface is waterproof and can be washed. It has a long life of about 20 years. 

A layer of rubber is attached under the synthetic fibers, which offers decent shock absorption to kids playing or falling over it. So, if you want a natural-looking playground surfacing material, synthetic turf is your way to go.

Key West Safety Surfacing-EPDM Rubber

EPDM Rubber: Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber is the most flexible and tenacious of all the rubber surfaces. This type is commonly used for vehicles, swing grounds, etc., due to its flexibility and strength. 

EPDM rubber is completely safe for kids, durable, and is also good at shock absorbing. So, it can offer amazing protection to kids while playing over the ground. EPDM rubber is available in numerous color options. It means you can create several color combinations.

Sometimes, people are unable to find the right surfacing material. And if you’re one of them, you can connect with us. Our safety surfacing professionals can help you find the right surfacing materials based on what your requirements are. So, contact us now and get the process started.

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Key West Safety Surfacing is one of the top companies serving in this field for a long time. We are well-known all across the country. Our services are precise and perfect. Our team is well-trained and certified and provides you the most pleasing experience. Our motive is to offer you our best services, and we will never let you down in that. We cover complete installation services in the product cost from start to end. 

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