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As a parent, nanny, or teacher, taking children to the playground, we all want a safe haven for them to play. Key West Safety Surfacing does Poured-In-Place rubber for your playgrounds. What is poured rubber? This is playground flooring that is smooth and has tiny rubber particles that are stuck together.

We provide long-lasting and durable poured-in-place rubber here in Florida. We also provide a range of flexibility and colors during the installation process that helps in creating or adding designs to make your playground beautiful, safe and durable. Below are the benefits of using the above-named option.

Key West Safety Surfacing-Poured-In-Place Rubber

The Best Safety Performance

Safety has and always will be a priority when it comes to playgrounds. This may apply to your local playground, a children-friendly space, or a commercial park. Therefore, going for poured-in-place rubber is the best option as it is a good heat conductor, hence acts as a shock absorber. The poured rubber has a double layer that protects children from falls of as high as 12 feet.

It also has seams that create falling hazards. During the rains, as a parent, you are assured that there will be no mud as your children play because poured-in-place rubber is able to drain water fast. This makes it perfect for recreational activities, play, sports, and just for general group fun. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Poured-in-Place Rubber is Durable

This double-layered technique is the best and long-lasting because it reduces friction. Therefore, slipping does not occur. We provide the best poured-in-place rubber that is durable and will last a lifetime. There is more to a playground than just the surface, go for poured rubber services by Key West Safety Surfacing for its reliability.

Unlike other playgrounds, a poured-in-place surface will not be loaded again like sand or scratched. If looking for durability, then this surfacing is what you should go for due to its low maintenance. It also has outstanding tensile strength. Depending on the foot traffic, a pour-in-place playground can last for 12 years, before any maintenance or upkeep is done. The easier the maintenance means the better the durability. Due to its natural nature, poured-in-place rubber does not fade; its appearance is long-term for the surfacing and has a stronger bond.

It is Adaptable

One thing for sure while going for this surfacing, you will not be limited to designing and spacing. It suits all kinds of designs that meet your eye or rather of your choice. There is a wide range of colors to choose from too. So, when it comes to a trendy and colorful playground, then this type of surfacing will be the best option for you. Poured-in-Place surface is also accessible to people with wheelchairs hence the fun is not limited. The thickness of this surface can also be designed according to the height of your playground.

It is Affordable

As time goes by, this surfacing is pocket-friendly because it eliminates a lot of the managing costs, unlike other surfaces. You are assured of minimal maintenance costs. And because the budget is always a concern, poured-in-place rubber from Key West Safety Surfacing is created with recycled rubber, the pricing, therefore, will be lower than the other options. The installation process is also fast, hence saves on time. Always opt for this option when you want to make your playground the best. It is best that you request a quotation to get the estimated cost of your project.

It may seem overwhelming when it comes to selecting the type of material that you want to choose for your playground. Why go for a rubber safety surface? This is because it is the best compared to the other types due to its safety to children who are always up and down. Therefore, we share the pros of installing a poured-in-place surface for your playground.

Most children lately experience a range and different types of allergies, hence, rubber surfacing is the best. The rubber material is made from natural products and with no chemicals. Due to its natural nature, rubber surfacing does not create sensitivity on the children’s skins. This makes it safe for the children to play on the playground.

Compared to the other playgrounds where children may come across stuff that has fallen or animal droppings, poured rubber surfaces make it clear to one’s eyes to see what is on the ground. This helps to avoid discomfort or injury during play. Poured-in-place Rubber also helps children to play in a clean environment, they have less chuff stuck in their shoes or even their balls or balloons bursting just in case they hit a sharp object on the ground.

The rubber flooring is known to not splinter. It is soft so in case a child falls, you are assured that they may not be injured. This surfacing prevents a lot of accidents during play, parents are then promised safety of their kids. The rubber flooring is safe and the best solution for playgrounds available for energetic individuals.

As parents, we get pleased and relaxed when we see our children play in safe environments. Poured rubber surfaces come in handy here since the rubber is natural and also a shock absorbent. No matter how high a child falls, they may be safe from any harm or accidents. Playing on the rubber surface also ensures that their clothes will be in good shape, away from being torn or shoes from wearing out. We all want our children safe; therefore, to avoid unnecessary accidents, it is wise to install poured-in-place rubber playgrounds. It is also ADA compliant; this makes it the easiest and best playground for those with wheelchairs.

For the best and durable Poured-in-Place Rubber, Key West Safety Surfacing in Florida is at your service. We offer a wide range of colors, from solid to premium. These can be mixed and designed according to your liking.